Biogun Micro

A mains-powered electronic microbicide which kills micro-organisms on all physiological tissue, including skin and dentine, used to treat conditions as diverse as dental caries, periodontitis, onychomycosis and foot and leg ulcers. Treatment is non-contact, drug-free, safe and in most cases completely painless.
In use, the operator points a handpiece fitted with an 'emitter' at the surface to be treated from a distance of 2-10 millimetres. The device is fully automatic, regulating the dosage according to the distance from the emitter to the surface. Audible signals indicate when the emitter is within range and mark the passage of time. Both patient and practitioner are anchored to the same, safe potential by self-adhesive electrode pads connected to the base unit by flexible 'curly cords'. Alternatively, a pair of re-usable wristbands can serve the same purpose, though these require yellow 'curly cords'; this alternative system is available as an optional extra.

Biogun Micro (for beauticians)

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The beauticians' version of the Biogun Micro

Identical to the medical version, but certificated only for use as a beauty device.