Biogun Micro bp

The suffix "bp" stands for "battery powered", making this version the most easily portable of all the Biogun devices.

It is especially suitable for domiciliary work or where space is at a premium and it is important to avoid trailing mains flexes. One charge lasts about a week in normal use. For a more detailed description of the whole Biogun family and its use, please see the Biogun Standard.

Biogun Micro bp (podiatric)


The Biogun Micro bp is equally at home in the dental surgery or in podiatric practice. The podiatric version is supplied with a safety key to prevent the device from being accidentally switched on while in transit between domicilary visits.

Stock number 10005

Biogun Micro bp (dental)

The dental version (stock number 10006) is 10% more powerful and is supplied with a footswitch.