Biogun Micro

The Biogun Micro is a miniature version of the Biogun Standard - a mere 15.0 x 13.5 x 15.5 centimetres.

There are two versions: one is a medical device (currently unavailable); the other is intended for beauticians for use in improving the appearance of blemished skin.

Being mains powered, the Biogun Micro never needs recharging. It is equally as effective as its big brother, and shares the same fully automatic functionality. Audible and visual signals indicate when the treatment surface is within range, and a 10-second 'bleep' marks the passage of time.

Biogun Micro (medical)

Stock no. 10004

The medical, podiatric and dental version of the Biogun Micro


For a more detailed description of the device, please see the Biogun Standard.

Biogun Micro (for beauticians)

Stock no. 10010

The beauticians' version of the Biogun Micro


Identical to the medical version, but certificated only for use as a beauty device.