Biogun Micro

The Biogun Micro is a miniature version of the Biogun Standard - a mere 15.0 x 13.5 x 15.5 centimetres.

Its small size and light weight (about 700 g) make it highly portable and ideal for practices with more than one surgery. Being mains powered, the Biogun Micro never needs recharging. It is equally as effective as its big brother, and shares the same fully automatic functionality. Audible and visual signals indicate when the treatment surface is within range, and a 10-second 'bleep' marks the passage of time.

For a more detailed description of the whole Biogun family and its use, please see the Biogun Standard.

Biogun Micro


Supplied with 2 black 'curly cords', 5 emitters, a starter pack of self-adhesive electrodes and a comprehensive user guide.

Stock number 10004